Monday, July 23, 2012

68 year loses husband to a young GIRL in Nakuru

Monday, July 23, 2012 - A mother of 7 from Wanyororo A village in Nakuru County is spending cold nights as her husband has been scooped by a teenager who is a secondary school dropout.
The 68 year old was thrown out of her matrimonial home when the man openly declared his intentions to marry the 18 year old and the two are now living together as husband and wife. The elderly woman had to carry her belongings to her 87 year old mother in Tabuga village in the same County.
Elders and church leaders have not taken the news kindly as they stormed into the homestead requesting the man to take back his wife of many years and stop the shameful act.
The man in his 70s however turned the elders away telling them they are ‘children’ to him considering his age and he had the right to chose his wife and partner as the young petite girl warmed his bed and made him happy.
The woman however called all her children and grandchildren who stormed their home but were turned away like stray dogs.
According to the estranged wife, the man has been bewitched by the young girl who is a gold digger and wants to suck their wealth.

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