Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chanel's Haute Couture nail art

chanel_may_swatch.jpgThat was easy enough. But it turns out painting around the nail bed isn't as easy as it looks if you don't have a extremely steady hand. Dipping a paint brush (actually we used the brush that goes with Maybelline Gel Liner...) carefully pull the polish around the nail, trying to keep it moving before it starts to set.
chanel_how_to.jpgDon't worry about getting polish on your finger, you can just use a brush dipped in remover to get it off later (or just have a shower - the hot water magically washes polish from skin).
If you haven't got a steady hand, maybe the tape method would be better. Cut out oblong pieces of tape a few millimetres smaller than your nail, press them between your fingers to take some of the stickiness out and then place them on your nails, making sure the base is completely dry before you do so (or you will pull the base off and ruin all your hard work).
Wait for them to fully dry, then pull off...

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