Friday, August 3, 2012


Have you already selected the right college for your child? Even though he is still in primary seven. It is not surprising to see parents of toddlers to leaf through college brochures. In fact, helping your child selecting suitable college or University is only one of many steps that parents must take  to guide their children through the right educational path. Its important that a parent should know how education and choice of school, from kindergarten to University level is important to shape the character and success of a child. Education is the key of life and a great gift that parents can give to their children.

Regardless of whether the goal of your child to go to UDSM, UCT, Howard or Harvard, there are proper steps to take.


1. Begin a college fund: Begin saving for your child's college tuition immediately. Tuition coupled with room and board. This can cost parents between USD 10,000 - 60,000 a year. Some parents set up college funds for their children and requests family members and friends to donate to child's college fund for birthdays and graduations in lieu of buying toys and other gifts.

2.Visit college campuses: Its good to visit campuses in your country and around the world, whenever you travel and get the feel and more information about the college before sending your child to a college you have just heard about. It's even better if parents will start a dialogue with lecturers and school administrators.

3. Do your research: Before you enroll your child in school, check out the school report card. The report shows the school overall performance (compared to other schools) and find out if it's online.

4. Monitor your child's curriculum: Find out what's your child interest from the time she/he is in primary five. Prepare the child to pass the primary seven exams, then while at secondary school, find out if your child still have the same interests and start prepare your child for a college. Find out about classes the child takes and how does she/he understand the subjects.

5. Preparation: By the end of your child primary seven, make sure your child does sit for international exams. it will help college to see the students is eligible for their scholarships.

6. Adhere to deadlines: Every college has application deadlines and cut off points. Check the deadline for the schools that your child wants to attend, and apply away before the deadlines. Don't be afraid to apply even a year before.

7. Online access:  Many college campuses use Face book, an online social network that allow incoming freshmen to connect with other students. Most colleges have websites that allow students to view their education requirements.
Dr. Rose

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