Thursday, August 9, 2012

Association for Friends of African Baseball (AFAB)

The first match for Kibasila Secondary School against All Japan (InTanzania) was bad result, but the students said,'the game was so exciting!''I came to love baseball more'. The next gane is expected in September. Let's go Kibasila baseball team! Make the future of Tanzanian baseball!

The very first experience for kibasila Secondary School baseball team members to have a ball game was ended 0-14.
They tried to show respect after the game like Japanese way. They lost the game but would obtain a lot from the match.

All Japan Team tried to do their best to show a model play to Kibasila students. For the first big chance for Kibasila to get score, All Japan firlders made 5-2-3 double play!

Before starting the game, Mr.Tomonari,Chairman of AFAB, had a small speech. 'We'll do our best to show you how to play, and how to manage the game. Please learn a lot from us'
The majority of the All Japan team members have experience of playing baseball in school club team, and they pledged to play like a serious high school players. The ball game will start soon!

SOURCE:- AFAB FACEBOOK PAGE ((Translated by Bing))

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