Thursday, September 27, 2012


Yes, it can & Does.

I know this because I am a man that has fallen in love with a married woman, she also has fallen in love with me. Before any of you say, why did you do that, you're wrong for doing it, blah, blah, blah.... I know this, WE know this! We know & understand what we have done, but now it's too late.

It's way too hard for either one of us to walk away now. She won't leave her husband either, unfortunately, she also loves him. And until your in our shoes, and understand our feelings for each other, you can't just tell us to do it!

We started off as PURE friends, thinking to ourselves that we are indeed just friends, and people are friends with the opposite sex all them time... NO HARM!

The problem is that we spent WAAAAY too much time together, and without being in the company of other "friends".

No I am stuck home alone every night of my life, crying my eyes out because the woman I am so deeply in love with, spends every night at home in the arms of another man, and it KILLS me! It is so emotionally damaging sometimes I wonder just how much more I can take.

No way can I walk away form her, she is everything I have ever wanted, the most beautiful woman on the planet... to me. But the pain of knowing they are sometimes "together" or do activities together is so great and unbearable, it just crushes my heart every time. 

I love this woman so much in fact, that if the situation arose, I would give my life to save her husband's life, just so that she would not feel & experience the pain of losing him. - I have never loved anyone more!!!

I have literally created my own prison of hell, and there is no way out.

As a warning, I BEG all of you, to STAY AWAY FROM MARRIED PEOPLE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX. You can NOT control who you love, when two people click, it just happens. You are NOT that strong, I promise you!

For now, I will go on living in my pain, almost as if it were my punishment.

But please, if you're beginning, or considering being involved with a married person, DON'T.

- Kevin Y. Indiana.

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