Friday, September 7, 2012


Having fun with your fella doesn't require spending much, if any, money. Try one of these 9 cheap thrills for a guaranteed good time.

Laugh Attack:Attend a Live Comedy Show
Eat Your Heart Out:Explore the local farmer's market and find seasonal produce at affordable prices. Put your own spin on the Food Network's popular cooking show Chopped and give yourselves 5 minutes each to select two fresh picks. Then combine those ingredients with what you already have in your fridge to make dinner.

Ride On:Rent Bikes

Gaze and Graze:

Enjoy the Show:Travel back in time and watch a movie from the comfort of your car

Dance the Night Away:Spice up date night and take a salsa class with your partner. Shake, shimmy, and shuffle around the dance floor as you burn calories and learn new skills.

Coffee & Art:

Get Educated:Education knows no age limit.College campuses host many free events, such as lecture series that cover topics ranging from architecture to zoology. No notes are required for class, so enjoy the discussion without the pressure of having to ace an exam. Find a speaker you'd like to see or a topic you and your husband are both interested in. University events are typically open to the public. If you are required to pay, tickets will be priced at student rates.

Give Back:Volunteer Together. A great way to spend time as a couple is by helping others.


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