Thursday, October 11, 2012


Face Lace have introduced five beautiful new designs to their collection, including additions to their Eye Lace range and two brand-new Demi-Veil designs.

If you haven't yet discovered these intricate ready-to-wear make-up designs, Face Lace is a new concept from make-up artist Phyllis Cohen in response to so many people’s plea: “I wish I could do make-up like you.”

Making its debut in 'Corrie Nielsen's' London Fashion Week, the unique motifs are inspired by such diverse sources as Op Art, French Lace, Mehndi, Ironwork and Calligraphic flourishes.

For my fashionista friends this to me look like it's gonna be one of the hottest, craziest new make-up trend this winter.

Would you rock a Face Lace?

About Phyllis Cohen

Phyllis has worked as a make-up artist with everyone from David Bowie to Daphne Guinness, and on hundreds of editorials for magazines ranging from Vogue to Dazed and Confused.

Phyllis has experimented for over 20 years to produce extravagant make-up effects as effortlessly as possible. Face Lace is the ultimate achievement of this quest.

Image credit Face Lace
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