Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SO SAD: EIGHT-DAY-OLD baby boy dies after being bitten just once by pet Jack Russell dog at grandparents' house

Harry Harper, who was just eight days old, died after being rushed to hospital from his grandparents' home in Ketley, Shropshire, yesterday

Police are awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination into the boy's death

The dog, a small family terrier, has now been destroyed, and police are treating the incident as a tragic accident 

Harry's mother Kayla Tweeted that a dog owned by her had attacked one of her favourite soft toys last month 
Eight day old Harry Harper died after being bitten by a Jack Russell dog while staying at his grandparents' house in Ketley, Shropshire
Grandad Gordon Bell with daughter Mikayla and grandson Harry who died after being bitten yesterday

The family of a newborn baby who died after being bitten by their pet Jack Russell dog have said that they are 'devasted' by his death.
Eight-day-old Harry Harper died from his injuries after the pet attacked him while he was staying at his grandparents' home.
His distraught family said today: 'We are absolutely devastated by Harry's death and have no words to describe the loss we have suffered.

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