Thursday, January 31, 2013


There are two types of pregnant women in this world: Those whose bellies look like smooth, supple, buttery bumps and those who look like they’ve been on the losing end of a tussle with a tiger. Sadly, I am in the latter category. Model mom-to-be Amber Rose is in the first, and took to Twitter this week to prove it.
“9 months Pregnant & no stretch marks on my body thank u Jesus!!! icon smile Amber Rose bares her big bump: No stretch marks! ” wrote Amber, whose baby is due next month, alongside this profile shot of her belly.
Amber’s prayers of thanks may be a tiny bit premature, however. As some commenters were quick to point out, there’s still plenty of time for those stretch marks to show up.
In fact, one BabyCenter Community mom wrote just this week, “I thought I was stretch mark free, seeing how I had absolutely no signs or stretch marks on my skin, I was 110 lbs by the time I gave birth I was 178 lbs, after I pushed out my son, I went to the washroom maybe 3 hrs later lifted up my hospital gown and noticed my hips, butt, and tummy were completely covered.”

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