Friday, August 22, 2014


1.Sophie Dahl for YSL

Billboards featuring model Sophie Dahl naked except for jewellery and heels were pulled and the advert was confined to magazines.

2.Eva Herzigova for Brian Atwood
The Czech beauty went against the norm when she stripped off to sell not perfume but shoes.
In a 50 second video she is seen descending into a swimming pool wearing nothing but a pair of fancy heels.
The ad was inspired by similar scenes in the 1963 Marilyn Monroe film Something's Got To Give.

3.Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein

 The nude advert for Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession perfume was deemed so racy it was taken off the air in the United States.
In the 2008 spot, Ryan Gosling's missus rolls around in rumpled sheets, whispering, “Between love and madness lies obsession.”

4.David Beckham for H&M

 Superbowl fans got a treat when this advert was unveiled earlier this year.
In it, the footballer is shown getting locked out of a dressing room and having to make his way round the outside of the building in just his undies.
But at the final moment, his briefs catch on a door, ripping them off. Ooh la la!

5.Lady Gaga for her perfume Fame

 The ads for Lady Gaga's unisex fragrance featured her lying naked save for a black eye mask with miniature men climbing all over her.
The image was inspired by Gullivers Travels in which Gulliver is attacked and imprisoned by a race of 6 inch high people.

6.Kate Moss for David Yurman

 The jewellery designer had the British supermodel pose naked lying first on the beach and then on a white fluffy rug for his 2011 campaign.
It wasn't the last time Mossy has agreed to get her kit off.
Last year she posed nude for St Tropez fake tan and in 1993 her naked shoot at the age of 19 for Calvin Klein's men's fragrance Obsession helped launch her career.

7.Charlize Theron for Dior

The Oscar-winning actress certainly knows how to make an entrance.
In this 2007 TV commercial she is shown strutting down a corridor where she dramatically throws aside first her jewellery and then her dress before she can be seen walking into a room in the apartment wearing nothing but – we assume – the scent of J'Adore.

8.Beyonce for her perfume Heat

Bey can only be glimpsed naked for a few seconds but it was enough to have the raunchy ad banned from TV before 7.30pm.
In it, The Drunk In Love singer lies seductively on a bed before donning a red dress and sauntering round an apartment

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