Monday, August 4, 2014


If there’s a way to braid hair, Jill Ehat (@jehat) probably knows how to do it.

Almost every day she posts an image to Instagram of a new hairstyle she gives to her twin six-year-old daughters. “I'm totally obsessed with fauxhawks right now. My favorite styles are fauxhawk braids, bun hawks, buns, pancaked Dutch braids and rope twists.” Jill has been braiding all her life, and now it’s a big part of raising her daughters. The girls even like to “twin” with other girls on Instagram. As Jill explains, “‘twinning’ is when you and another hair account wear the same hair on the same day. We try to post at near the same time, which gets tricky when they're around the world. My girls like to look on a map and see where their hair twins live: Sweden, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, etc. I think it's especially fun to twin with actual twins!” For more photos of Jill's amazing talents braiding, weaving and styling hair, follow @jehat. ON Her INSTAGRAM PAGE 

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