Monday, February 16, 2015

Smoothies On The Fly - A Faster Way To Make Smoothies

Time is a factor when it comes to making healthy choices.  Even blending up a fresh green smoothie every day might feel daunting if your morning schedule is already stretched thin.

But one thing you can do to save time and still make a fresh green smoothie every day is to use frozen fruit.

The benefits of frozen fruit is that you don't have to wash, peel and chop.  Simply dump some frozen fruit into your blender, add the greens and blend.  And there's less cleanup, too (no seeds and peels to discard, or fruit juice to wipe up).

If your blender isn't a top-of-the-line machine, try using a high-quality frozen fruit puree. Since it's already pureed, it will blend up easier in a lower-wattage blender than frozen solid fruit chunks.

To super-streamline your green smoothie making routine, buy pre-washed organic greens so that all you have to do is reach into the bag and pull out a handful (or two!) of pre-washed, leafy goodness. 

I regularly buy pre-washed organic kale, spinach and mixed greens because they are convenient, and the tubs they come in make great storage containers for the greens I buy at farmers markets.

Don't skip your daily green smoothie.  Instead, find ways to make your blending more efficient so that you can fit it into your already hectic life.  It's worth it!

Tracy Russell

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