Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to wear stripes at any age

Kim Kardashian makes a splash at NYC bash

 NEW YORK (AP) — Kim Kardashian isn't worried about the behemoth storm expected to pummel the eastern U.S. with rain and wind this week.
Dressed as a blond mermaid for her Halloween party Saturday night in New York, the star joked that her boyfriend, Kanye West — wearing a nautical-looking outfit — could "sail" her to safety if need be.
West didn't talk to press covering the event but smiled and took photos of Kardashian on his phone.
It's the second year Kardashian has hosted the Midori Green Halloween party. She has an endorsement deal with the liquor company.
The reality star said it took two months to plan her costume, inspired by the 1984 film "Splash," and two hours to get ready.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Lulu arejeshwa tena mahabusu

Msanii maarufu wa filamu nchini, Elizabeth Michael a.k.a LULU, (Katikati), akielekea kupanda basi la magereza kwenye viwanja vya Mahakama ya Hakimu Kkazi Kisutu, baada ya kesi inayomkabili ya kutuhumiwa kumuua msanii mwenzake, Hayati Steven Kanumba, kuahirishwa tena na hivyo mwanadada huyo ambaye umri wake unaleta utata ataendelea kusota rumande hadi hapo kesi yake itakapotajwa tena
LULU akielekea kupanda gari tayari kwa safari ya Segerea kunako mahabusu. SOURCE: K-VIS BLOG


  1. When you’re in a hole, stop digging. Under pressure, we tend to try the same failed strategy again and again. Even though we know pushing for an answer, getting angry or going silent doesn’t work, we imagine doing it one more time (but bigger, louder or for longer) will
    change things. It won’t. 
  2. Stop playing tit for tat. He does something horrible and you match him. Soon it’s become a race to the bottom.
  3. Just for a second, put your feelings to one side and step in your partner’s shoes. How does your relationship look now and what would you like to do differently?
  4. Make a full apology. This is different from saying sorry. First, acknowledge any behaviour that you regret; next, identify how this might have made him feel, and then apologise. Please don’t explain why you acted as you did — that’s for another day — because it can sound like an excuse and lessen the power of your apology.
  5. Be the big one. If you love your husband — and if not, why are you spending hours talking about him to your girlfriends — do you love him enough to give without any expectation (in the short term) of getting anything back?

Kim Kardashian wears romantic bridal-inspired dress as Kanye West buys her a red rose in Venice for her birthday

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