Thursday, August 28, 2014


While the world was watching the VMAs on Sunday night, Vevo tweeted something that was missed by many until now. A tweet that got a few angry and many people nodding in agreement. Not nice :-)

The video hosting service owned and operated in a joint venture by Universal Music Group, Google and Sony Music Entertainment shaded the heck out of Kim Kardashian and her daughter, North West.

Below is what Vevo live Tweeted to their millions of followers immediately after Beyonce's performance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.


Doctors say most necks have 7 vertebrae but 15 year old Chinese boy Fu Wengui (pictured above) has 10. As a young boy he was diagnosed with Congenital Scoliosis and an abnormal chest frame which made his neck grow extra three inches. This causes him a lot of pain and makes it hard for Fu to walk. Congenital scoliosis is caused by the bones in the spine developing abnormally in the womb.
"He always causes a stir when he's out. The vertebrae press on the nerves in his neck and make it difficult for him to walk." his dad, Genyou said
Fortunately for Fu, after his situation was made public, a Beijing-based charity agreed to finance a procedure and treatment. He will have corrective surgery that will hopefully reduce the length of his neck and ease the discomfort.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


1. Cinnamon:  helps to stabilise blood sugar level, keeps you full for a longer time, decreases hunger pangs and metabolises fats at a faster rate.
2. Ginger: is a very good body cleanser. Ginger helps to remove the food logged in the digestive system and thus prevents fat storage and weight gain

3. Cardamom: This spice helps boost your metabolism and improve your body’s ability to burn fat.

4. Tummeric: This yellow-orange spice has several weight-loss properties. It helps to reduce the formation of fat tissues, thus lowering total body fat and prevents weight gain.

5. Cayenne pepper: This spice includes a compound called as capsaicin which helps to burn fat and suppresses your hunger cravings. According to a research done by Prudue University – cayenne is effective in weight loss, because it increases body’s metabolism activity which causes the body to burn more calories.

6. Cumin: Cumin helps to improve your digestive process and production of energy. Cumin seeds also helps to boost your immune system.

7: Black pepper: This commonly-used spice is filled with a compound called – piperine. This compound helps in boosting your metabolism. Black pepper also helps in improving your digestive system and helps to burn fat at a faster rate.

8. Coconut oil: Coconut oil helps to increase your metabolic speed, which further aids in releasing energy and promoting weight loss.


On the 20th August, 2014, Mwaya village, in Ulanga district, Morogoro came to a standstill as the president of the United Republic of Tanzania; HE Dr Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete was visiting WLF-supported Mwaya Health Centre.
A team of experts and technicians led by the Deputy Clinical Director of World Lung Foundation, Dr Sunday Alfred Dominico demonstrated before the president various ICT solutions that have been developed by the foundation to supplement other interventions in reducing maternal and new-born mortality.
The president witnessed one of the teleconference in which, various health care providers working in remote hard-to-reach areas of Tanzania where connected to the clinical director, Dr Hamed Mohamed in Dar es Salaam. A clinical case operated at Mwaya Health Centre was shared and discussed. Dr Kikwete, accompanied by the first lady Mama Salma Kikwete, applauded World Lung Foundations efforts in comprehensively implementing Tanzania’s sharpened one plan.
Commenting at the event, Minister of State in the President's Office for Public Service Management, HE, Selina Kombani(Ulanga East MP)commended World Lung Foundation’s work at Mwaya, including constructing modern  state-of-the-art staff houses, theatre, maternity wing, water well, laboratory  and equipping the facility with generators, solar systems and surgical equipments, drugs and supplies.
Mwaya health centre is one of the 15 facilities supported by World Lung Foundation, in Kigoma, Pwani and Morogoro.  The foundation, led by the Director Dr. Nguke Mwakatundu, implements a maternal health project that is based on decentralizing life serving Emergency Obstetric Care to remote facilities beyond district hospital and tasking shifting of these skills to non-physician clinicians.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Here's a question I get frequently:
"How can I afford to eat healthy when healthy food costs so
This is a tough question to answer.  Healthier food simply costs more
than unhealthy, boxed foods.  Organic produce is much more
expensive than canned apple sauce that is devoid of nutrients. 
But there are several things you can do to work within your budget,
and buy the healthy food your body needs.

1 - Get A Warehouse Club Membership

You will be amazed at how much you'll save on fresh produce
(including organic) with a warehouse club membership to a place like
Costco or Sam's Club. I pay a $50 annual fee for my Costco
membership and it pays for itself with each and every visit.

I get mangoes, huge pineapples, tubs of organic spinach and baby
greens, large bags of organic baby kale, 10 pound bags of organic
carrots, organic strawberries, organic raspberries, melons, kiwis,
oranges, dates, tomatoes, avocados, mushrooms, wild frozen
blueberries and more for much less than the same amount would cost
at my neighborhood grocery store.
I also get organic brown rice, organic quinoa, organic almond butter,
chia seeds, hemp seeds, olive oil, organic seasonings and so much
more at Costco.  It's truly incredible how far your dollar goes there.

2 - Buy In Season or On Sale and Freeze

Another way to save money is to purchase produce when it is in
season and on sale. Purchase twice the amount and freeze half of it
for later use. Your grocery bill the next week will be smaller as you
use the stuff that you purchased on sale and froze earlier. I mainly
do this with strawberries and bananas.
While most smoothie greens should not be frozen, kale is an
exception.  I often toss a 2-pound bag of organic baby kale in the
freezer for later use.
3 - Grow Your Own Food

If you have a garden or a backyard, consider planting some food
crops. It's pretty easy to grow your own tomatoes, cucumbers,
zucchini, squash, herbs and anything else you want. What you pay
for some plants or seed packets will produce a bounty of veggies for

You can also set up an indoor herb garden as well as a sprouting
station for alfalfa, sunflower, beans and lentils.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Fruit is a girl's best friend in the never-ending pursuit of beauty. Apart from being rich in vitamins for perfect skin, fruit is also highly nutritious yet low-fat - the perfect choice for weight control. 

With many different types of fruit arriving at shops and stalls as the weather heats up, weight control experts suggest a wise choice of the type and size of portion - lest taking in too much sugar turn into the fat you don't want. 

Eating less and exercising more is always the golden rule for weight control. Yet the pace of modern urban life has robbed many people of the time and opportunity for physical exercise, says Bruce Rosengarten, President Asia Pacific of Weight Watchers Company. 

"Since you cannot always exercise away all you put in, you have to be careful about what you eat," says Rosengarten.

Generally, fruit with high water and fiber content are good choices for weight control, as they help make you feel full without taking in too many calories. 

Adding fruit as a course can help reduce the desire for other foods that may contain much fat or too many calories. 

Most fruit also offer rich vitamins and microelements that the body needs. However, fruit contain rich sugar as well, which we should be alert for. 

Of course, sour types of fruit usually contain less sugar. But that doesn't mean we should cross out all the sweet ones from our diet list as taste is not the only factor that determines whether a type of fruit is a weight control "helper or destroyer." 

Some fruit, though they taste sweet, can boost the body by getting rid of fat. For example, water melon and pineapple taste sweet, yet both help accelerate body metabolism, helping get rid of toxins - including fat. 

But sweet lychee and longan are both "bad" fruit as they contain not only rich sugar, but, if too many are eaten, also hinder effective metabolism. 

In addition, with pathogenic heat prevailing in the summer, "cold" fruit - like pear, water melon and kiwi - are recommended throughout the season. 

People should avoid too much "warm/hot" fruit such as lychee, longan and durian, according to Dr Xia Xiang, vice president of Shanghai Dietary Therapy Institute. 

Recommended fruit 

Water melon - 25k per 100g 

Water melon is a "cold" fruit  that helps dispel pathogenic heat and promote urination. Tannin in water melon can help burn excessive fat in the body and rich fibers can also help move the bowels and get rid of toxins. Eating water melon often can also help expand blood vessels. 

Pineapple - 41k per 100g 

Pineapple is a "neutral" fruit that can benefit the stomach and improve digestion and help dissolve and dispel fat - good news for people with blood-fat problems. Pineapple can also help improve blood circulation by dissolving blood stagnation, as well as help relieve inflammations and edema. 

Pear - 44k per 100g 

Pear is a "cold" fruit that helps nourish the lungs and respiratory system. It provides rich nutrition yet is low in calories. A middle-sized pear contains about 5g of fiber, a quarter of the body's daily needs. Fiber, of course, can help reduce fat taken in and absorbed. 

Pitaya (dragon fruit) - 51k per 100g 

Dragon fruit is also a "cold" fruit recommended in summer. Apart from providing rich fiber yet being relatively low in calories, dragon fruit, with its rich unsaturated fatty acid and antioxidant, can also help move the bowels and delay aging. It also helps get rid of toxins. 

Grapefruit - 35k per 100g 

Grapefruit is also a "cold" fruit on the recommended list. Aurantiin in grapefruit can help suppress the appetite. It also contains organic compound nootkatone that helps accelerate fat burning. Eating grapefruit often can help improve the metabolism and help get rid of toxins. 

Cooking with fruit 

Apart from being a healthy raw option, fruit retains some health-benefiting properties when cooked. 

In addition to reducing the appetite for more of other foods, adding fruit when cooking can help reduce the amount of salt used - good for those with high blood pressure. 

Fruit rich in the enzyme protease - such as pineapple, papaya, mango, kiwi and apple - are especially recommended in cooking as they can help with digesting protein and fat. 

For those with a weak digestive system, fruit can help them feel more comfortable when eating fish and meat. 

While it is true that some nutrition in fruit is lost through heating, not all is. Vitamin C and B are easily destroyed under high temperatures, but vitamin A, protein, fiber and carbohydrates are unaffected. 

Some fruit can be more health-benefiting when cooked. For example, cooked pear with rock sugar can help dispel pathogenic heat, nourish the lungs, dissolve phlegm and stop coughing. 

Women in menstruation or yuezi (the month after giving birth) are advised to avoid eating cold things, including fruit. Making "fruit soup" or at least soaking fruit in hot water before eating is recommended. 

Generally, you can make up for the loss of vitamin B and C through grain and vegetables.


1.Sophie Dahl for YSL

Billboards featuring model Sophie Dahl naked except for jewellery and heels were pulled and the advert was confined to magazines.

2.Eva Herzigova for Brian Atwood
The Czech beauty went against the norm when she stripped off to sell not perfume but shoes.
In a 50 second video she is seen descending into a swimming pool wearing nothing but a pair of fancy heels.
The ad was inspired by similar scenes in the 1963 Marilyn Monroe film Something's Got To Give.

3.Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein

 The nude advert for Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession perfume was deemed so racy it was taken off the air in the United States.
In the 2008 spot, Ryan Gosling's missus rolls around in rumpled sheets, whispering, “Between love and madness lies obsession.”

4.David Beckham for H&M

 Superbowl fans got a treat when this advert was unveiled earlier this year.
In it, the footballer is shown getting locked out of a dressing room and having to make his way round the outside of the building in just his undies.
But at the final moment, his briefs catch on a door, ripping them off. Ooh la la!

5.Lady Gaga for her perfume Fame

 The ads for Lady Gaga's unisex fragrance featured her lying naked save for a black eye mask with miniature men climbing all over her.
The image was inspired by Gullivers Travels in which Gulliver is attacked and imprisoned by a race of 6 inch high people.

6.Kate Moss for David Yurman

 The jewellery designer had the British supermodel pose naked lying first on the beach and then on a white fluffy rug for his 2011 campaign.
It wasn't the last time Mossy has agreed to get her kit off.
Last year she posed nude for St Tropez fake tan and in 1993 her naked shoot at the age of 19 for Calvin Klein's men's fragrance Obsession helped launch her career.

7.Charlize Theron for Dior

The Oscar-winning actress certainly knows how to make an entrance.
In this 2007 TV commercial she is shown strutting down a corridor where she dramatically throws aside first her jewellery and then her dress before she can be seen walking into a room in the apartment wearing nothing but – we assume – the scent of J'Adore.

8.Beyonce for her perfume Heat

Bey can only be glimpsed naked for a few seconds but it was enough to have the raunchy ad banned from TV before 7.30pm.
In it, The Drunk In Love singer lies seductively on a bed before donning a red dress and sauntering round an apartment


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