Wednesday, July 25, 2012


  1. GET PROPOSED. After he proposed to you, get more serious. It's another phase of a mature relationship. Start planning for the big day
  2. SIT DOWN AND DISCUS your favourite colours for the wedding
  3. AGREE ON THE NUMBER of people you would like to invite. Remember a small wedding is always clean and is best remembered. Do not over do it.
  4. START LOOKING FOR THE VENUE. In most cases this is the most frustrating part. you need to book the venue early or else you'll be stuck
  5. THINK ABOUT YOUR HAIR; you might need to start practising different hair do's with your maid of honour, just for the fun of it, until to get the style that suits you.
  6. THINK ABOUT YOUR NAILS, do as number 5.
  7. DESIGN YOUR INVITATION CARDS EARLY: It is always good when you get to design the card you want yourself first.  Do it roughly on the paper then you can take the idea to the designer to design it for you. In this case you will be able to personalise and have a unique design.
  8. BUY A WEDDING DRESS then dry clean it and pack it in a safe place just to clear the stress away then help your man choose and buy his suit, tuxedo or whatever you two decide on.
  10. CHOOSE A CATERER AND A MENU for your wedding, then secure that as well. Know what you want depending on the people you are inviting. Are they old, diabetic,vegitarian?only you and your man know your relatives.
  11. MAKE THE WEDDING PLANNING FUN by planning it with friends who work more and stress less.
  12. SEND OUT INVITES and make a tick list for all those who say they will come.
  13. START COLLECTING BEAUTIFUL MUSIC for your day. Make a couple of CDs of the kind of music you want of your wedding, important songs for your fist dance, bride and her father dance song, last dance,etc
  14. FIND A DJ AND AN MC who knows their job. These two individuals can make or break a wedding. Choose wisely. The MC has to be funny and very intelligent. No one likes boring people.
  15. CREATE A THEME FOR YOUR WEDDING, this will help you plan well. Most themed weddings ends up very successfully. From the colours to the decoration of the venue and food. Create a signature theme.
  16. CHOOSE THE WEDDING RINGS that you love. Visit the jewellers. Again, its good to have a reference from the bridal magazine and pick the design you want first.
  17. THE CAKE is also a very important thing in the wedding. Identify the best bakers in town and pay a visit, see what they can or have baked in previous weddings and taste good.
  18. EAT A HEALTHY, WELL BALANCED MEAL. Make sure that you drink enough water during the day should be around 8 glasses, or 2 litres.
  19. TAKE TIME TO RELAX. Go to the spar for relaxing treatment and make sure your man does the same to avoid someone running away on the wedding day or the day before the wedding.
  20. ON THE WEDDING DAY STRESS LESS, switch off your phone and concentrate on yourself and making yourself even more beautiful.
Congratulations on your happy day. God Bless you and Let no man put you asunder

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