Sunday, July 29, 2012

KUSHTI - Traditional Indian Wrestling

Jaavli Village Dangal
 By Deepak Ansuia Prasad

Jaavli is a village in Ghaziabad District in Uttar Pradesh that is mainly known as the home of popular leader Madan Bhaiyya. And for the past 250 years, the village has held a huge annual dangal, which attracts great wrestlers from all over India.

The village committee members were: Swaraj Singh, Omi Sainik, Pappu Pahlwan, Vijay Pal Daroga, Leelu Havildar, Parataap Pahlwan

The announcer was Pappy Pahlwan,

The referees were Charan Singh Khalifa and Suresh Pahlwan

The first prize match was for 21000/- for which 21000X3 matches were played.

There were other matches of 15000X1 , 5000X1, 3100X10, 2100X10, 1100X10, 500X20 and many for smaller amounts for kids

The first prize match was between Rocky Pahlwan of Jawli, a pupil of Guru Rakesh Pahlwan and another wrestler from Railway Akhada. The bout was inaugurated by Madan Bhaiyaa. The Railway Akhada wrestler was stronger than Rocky and dominated him for most of the match – nearly pinning him several times. But Rocky fought hard and ended up winning the match.

The other big prize match was between Sintu Gurjar Pahlwan of Guru Rajkumar Goswarmi Akhada and Rajesh Bhati of Padamshree Guru Hanuman Akhada. Rajesh bhati was more experienced. He is a national champion wrestler and Asian Games medalist, while Sintu just won the Bharat Kumar title. Rajesh Bhati was the favorite going in to the match, but Sintu held his own and the match ended in a draw.

Big dangals like are so important because they help inspire younger generations to take up wrestling. Guru Rakesh told me that after this competition many boys came to him and asked him to take them as disciples to learn wrestling.


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