Thursday, July 26, 2012


I was recently told of how Jose Chameleone had  performed in BONGO and guese what? Tanzanian fans at the Saba Saba stadium loved the Valu Valu flow ilotoka kwa mkali Josee Chameleon
However, the Tanzanian ghosts are not sleeping as they are still haunting him and now his performance in South Africa and the UK(Olympics opening ceremony) hang in balance after Eric Shigongo, CEO of Global Publishers, the company that hired him to perform in TZ confiscated his passport over US$3500 which is approximately Ugx 8.5m.
According to Chameleone, that money was swindled by a one George in Kampala who he managed to track and forwarded to police but was released later under circumstances that were not clear to him.
Jose Chameleone tried to reach out to the Tanzanian Embassy  in Uganda over the matter but did not get that much help. "I have upcoming performances in South Africa, England, Belgium, Norway, Canada etc, so is Eric Shigongo above the law to keep my passport illegally for over a month?" Chamelion says
Chameleone has now abandoned his house and is heading to the Tanzanian Embassy where he will camp to the time when Eric surrenders his passport to the Ugandan Government..............Watch this Space!
 UPDATES......17 minutes ago!!! : Jose Chameleone on his facebook page says his passport is on the way to Uganda

Jose Chameleone drove his Range Rover Sport and parked it right at the Tanzania High Commission with his mattress, guitar with placards demanding one Shigongo Eric to return his passport.
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